Jon Langford's Old Devils Other New Paintings

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October 7 - November 14, 2010

Opening Party

Thursday October 7

7 - 9 PM

Although he's a life-long artist and painter, Jon Langford is maybe best known as a musician: he's a founding member of the Mekons & Waco Brothers as well as The Pine Valley Cosmonauts & The Three Johns, and has recorded several solo albums as well. Jon has a new Skull Orchard album, called "Old Devils," on Bloodshot Records, a follow-up of sorts to his 1998 album titled "Skull Orchard."

Who or what are the old devils?  Jon writes, "amis wrote a book called the old devils about old welsh people who go to the pub a lot. my earliest  memories are of the cambrian arms in croesyceiliog first thing in the morning drinking pop at the bar while my grandmother and aunty alice the landlady clean up from the night before. they make a fire using rolled  up newspapers and local coal.  I smell smoke and nicotine, cleaning fluids and thick stale beer; this is a very happy memory."

jon langford cup of bitterness


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