M.C. 5¢ Jones

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Mr Jones lived in a mobile home in the tiny town of Gilliam, Louisiana, a short drive north of Shreveport. Hwy 71 passed through cotton fields & pecan groves, and it seemed every time I made that drive there was a crop duster working one of those fields. In Gilliam was a cafe that had some of his watercolors for sale, but I never bought any of those. Mr Jones lived in a dilapidated prefab house, and every time I visited I found him sitting at a folding tv table in his living room, working on a new piece. His wife would bring out whatever he had for sale & I'd usually buy whatever was there. Mr Jones wasn't especially chatty but would answer any questions I had about his work.
He drew pictures of life as he knew it (cotton picking) or as he imagined it. I bought a painting once that depicted a group of KKK on horseback. No, he said, he never saw any around there, he'd just heard about them.

MC Jones, Yard Dog


MC Jones, Yard Dog


MC Jones, Yard Dog



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