Jennifer Harrison

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Jennifer Harrison
"New Paintings"
February 4 - 26

Opening Reception
Saturday, February 4
7 - 9 pm

We'd planned the opening for January 21 BUT we've postponed it. If you saw the announcement in the Austin paper, we apologize for any confusion.

Nova Scotia artist Jennifer Harrison paints Canadian housescapes. Through her paintings, Harrison attempts to abbreviate houses, garages and sheds to their simplest recognizable forms. Only elements distinguishable from a distance are represented: brick, siding, trim, roofs, soffits, facias, eavestroughs, windows, doors, porches. In addition to the clashes of colour, historic character is expressed through a primitive use of perspective and detail, relying on the interplay of texture and shadow as a substitute for light. Snow is the easiest foundation, allowing the artist to omit trees and gardens and to focus solely on the man-made colours of the buildings. The occasional inclusion of hydro poles and laundry lines serve to accessorize the alleyways, a vague reminder of the purpose of structures and highlighting the absence of the residents. With the people, cars and greenery removed, the buildings become a strange mix of cheerful hues and haunting vacancy.



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