Bob Schneider - The Party's Just Getting Started

Bob Schneider
The Party's Just Getting Started

New Collage & Mixed Media Work


Opening Reception 
Thursday, September 27
7 - 9 pm

Bob Schneider's work has always been intuition based. Whether it’s his music, fine art, or off-the-wall live shows, almost anything goes and nothing is planned. This new set of work is another step forward for this multifaceted artist. Starting with Currier & Ives art prints mass-produced in the 19th century, Bob has juxtaposed rough and raw images from the 60s and 70s underground sex industry. The once nearly invisible and taboo world of smut now seems kitschy, even quaint, when you consider the vast world of pornography available to anyone with a computer nowadays. In giving a new context to these softcore images, Schneider brings themes of objectification into even sharper relief. His use of confetti-like elements adds another subversive and darkly humorous layer, exposing the absurdity of human attitudes toward sex – taking what was once shameful, dark, and verboten and making it playful, beautiful, and empowering.


Another thing that gives the work its energy is the appropriation of the imagery without consent of the artists, who are all dead at this point, or the models, who would now be dead or very old as well (and who were also exploited the first time around). This commandeering of the imagery and turning it into fine art is a transformative process that gives the work its value but also demands the viewer to make certain decisions about who these unwilling participants were – and who they are now – in the dramas that unfold on paper.