Eastbound on 120

“Eastbound on 120”

A well-known local road that snakes north up the Susquehanna River is full of stories and folklore. Route 120, better known as Renovo Road, is often a treacherous adventure in the middle of the night, especially in winter. But this painting originated after reading a story in the local police news one summer. A woman was driving east when she struck a 600- pound black bear that flipped over her car and crashed down the bank toward the river. Luckily, she was able to emerge from the car pretty much unscathed. The bear was apparently not as fortunate. But being in a state of shock, the woman kicked the bear in the head which prompted the bear to wake up and bite the woman on the foot. It then roused itself onto all four legs and bounded over the hill.

Oil on birch panel. 15" x 19 3⁄4”


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