Chuckie Williams

Artist Chuckie (1957 - 2000), from Shreveport, Louisiana, painted "celebrity stars" -- usually African-American entertainers -- as well as sports figures, flowers, landscapes and snakes. Chuckie said he "became a genius" at the age of 22. A compulsive painter, many of his paintings were house paint on whatever scrap wood or cardboard he could find. His name (Artist Chuckie, Painter Chuckie, Psychic Talent, Christ True Genius, Ghost Talent), as well as the name of his subject, usually figures prominently in his compositions. 

Aikman/Lawrence Taylor
Aikman/Lawrence Taylor $500.00 - Sold
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Giraffe & Cheetah
Giraffe & Cheetah $800.00
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Hakeem Olajuwan
Hakeem Olajuwan $600.00 - Sold
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Shaq/Snake $800.00
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State Fair
State Fair $600.00 - Sold
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