Jon Langford, Eric Bellis, Kevin Lycett

September 06, 2016

Jon Langford, Eric Bellis, Kevin Lycett

Jon Langford, Eric Bellis, Kevin Lycett
Jonboy, Rico, & Keva's Crucial Adventures In The Westworld:
New Paintings
October 11 - November 27
Yard Dog Art Gallery
1510 S. Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
Opening Reception for the Artists
Saturday, October 15
7 - 9 PM

From October 11 - November 27 Yard Dog will be showing art by Jon LangfordEric Bellis, and Kevin Lycett. The three are associated with the British rock band/art collective the Mekons, which has been together in one form or another since 1976. Langford & Lycett were founding members, with Lycett staying in the band through 1983 or so. Eric Bellis joined in 1984, and he and Langford continue performing with the band to this day. They just released their umpteenth album, "Existentialism," the cd version of which comes with a 96-page book of writing and art. There will be a limited number of copies of "Existentialism" available at the opening.

Langford will be showing paintings incorporating his signature country singers, cowboys, skeletons, and skeleton cowboys.

Eric Bellis paints Western Americana: buffalo, cowboys, native americans.

Lycett is contributing a collection of mini-paintings of mini-monsters.

The opening reception on October 15 will also feature a short performance by the Mini Mekons, with Langford, Bellis, and Mekons singer Sally Timms. The band will play a longer set later that evening down the street at the Continental Club.

For a good read about the Mekons click here

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