Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn
Switching The Polarity Of Sight: New Paintings
March 2 - April 14

Switching The Polarity Of Sight is a series of paintings inspired by and created in conjunction with the making of "These Times" (release date: May 3, 2019), the new album by The Dream Syndicate.

"I had my demo studio and my easel set up side by side," says Steve Wynn about his second exhibition at Yard Dog.  "When I got stuck on a lyric, I'd switch to painting.  When I got tired of painting, I'd go back to the notepad.  That was my summer of 2018.  I'm excited that both the paintings and the new album will see the light of day right around the same time.  It makes complete sense.  They're distant but identical cousins."

The title of the exhibition comes from the lyrics of "Black Light," the first single from the new album.  

Steve Wynn is a founding member of the band The Dream Syndicate whose "The Days of Wine and Roses" was one of the key building blocks of the indie rock scene that bloomed following the album's release in 1982. Since then he has performed as a solo artist and as a member of The Baseball Project and Gutterball.  "Switching The Polarity of Sight" is his second exhibition at Yard Dog.