Steve Wynn's latest is a series of paintings that incorporate fluorescent paint. They look one way under ordinary light and have an entirely different look under a black light. Steve had a busy year of music touring lined up, both solo and with his band The Dream Syndicate, but of course that was all canceled abruptly. So he took up his paint brushes and went to work. There are 7 black light paintings below, mixed in with a handful of Steve's other paintings. The black light paintings each have 2 photos: the 1st taken in normal light, the 2nd under black light.

Here's a video tour that Steve made of the show. It's fun, it's informative. 

Steve's favorite black light can be bought from Amazon for $25 HERE.

Steve Wynn is a founding member of the band The Dream Syndicate whose "The Days of Wine and Roses" was one of the key building blocks of the indie rock scene that bloomed following the album's release in 1982. Since then he has performed as a solo artist and as a member of The Baseball Project and Gutterball.