Long National Nightmare

Mixed media painting on wood. 2022. 34" x 27"

Jon says, "America dominated my teen years back in Wales - from Moonshot to Vietnam and then on to Watergate. Optimism turns to righteous indignation and finally into cynicism. Hindsight is selective but I instinctively reach back to that earlier self to explain the roots of our current despair. Thought I’d only have to go back as far as Reagan and Thatcher’s unholy coupling but a brief vision of the immortal Henry Kissinger recently wheeled out at John McCain’s funeral (like a guest star on an episode of the Munsters) put this pair of knuckleheads back in the frame. A history painting? A half written song (for sure) and a nod to Goya… 'The sleep of Reason Produces Monsters' - America has an infinite capacity for such products it appears…"


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