Kepi Ghoulie Sunday Afternoon At Yard Dog

September 21, 2015

Artist/musician Kepi Ghoulie will be making an afternoon appearance at Yard Dog, showing some art and making some music. Please come down & check it out!

Sunday, September 27, 2015
2 pm - 4 pm

Where does one start when they have been playing music for more than half their life? For Kepi Ghoulie, it is on the stage (or floor) of the venue of wherever he is playing today/tonight! Daily, setting the goal of playing the "best show of my life", California singer-songwriter-artist Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies and more), rarely has a problem meeting that goal... from a coffee house to a festival ground, from the Arctic Circle to Japan to Australia, Kepi always meets his goal, and often exceeds the expectations of those in the audience as well! 

"The Highwayman" (having just played his 50th and final state, ALASKA!!!), the "Rock n Roll Shark" (aptly named for not being able to sit still for very long), travels the world playing upwards of 200 shows annually, from solo and acoustic, to clubs and festivals with his own band, to International music events playing bass or drums with members of bands as diverse as the Slackers, Bouncing Souls, 7 Seconds, and more!!!

He has opened for such Icons as Chuck Berry, Jonathan Richman, David Lindley, Lee Rocker, David Johansen, and so many more it is now getting hard to keep track, and Kepi likes it that way! There is no time for nostalgia when you have a show to do! let's make new memories! Let's have new adventures! 

His music has garnered multiple awards in Northern California (Bammies, Sammies Hall of Fame)...It has been featured in multiple films, TV shows, Sporting Events, you name it! 

In addition, his fun, animated art work is a hit all over the world! He has painted hundreds of fun and colorful creatures, with a book out in Europe, gallery shows and art tours, creating "Bright and simple art for a dark and complicated world"

Where will he tour next? We will let the Universe decide that! He has played upon boats circling the New York harbor, mini golfs, the steps of the State Capitol, even for nursing students in India! flown to Norway for a single show! London for a weekend, or your venue... wherever the adventure is, there is Kepi, ready to put on the best show of his life! Join him!

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