Steve Keene: Modular Synthesis - Austin

April 21, 2016

Steve Keene: Modular Synthesis - Austin

Modular Synthesis - Austin
April 23 - May 19
Saturday, September 23
7 - 9 PM

Steve Keene is a Brooklyn-based multi-media artist, famous for his hand-painted multiples, who has showcased his work internationally and locally. With an estimated 300,000 pieces in public and private collections, Keene’s hand-painted multiples make him one of the most prolific artists ever. Taking a cue from screen printing and woodworking, he is well-known among independent music fans for creating original album artwork, video sets, stage sets and posters for such musical luminaries as Silver Jews, Pavement, The Apples in stereo, Soul Coughing, The Klezmatics and The Dave Matthews Band, among others. 
Keene likes to think of his work as an endless painting with no boundaries – one that becomes an environment for people to participate. Watching him work on hand painted multiples is mysterious and engaging – the colors and strokes build over time in a rhythmic pattern and the form emerges much like a building takes shape as the bricks are laid. People watch, wait and ultimately walk away with an actual piece of his ongoing endless painting right in their hands. 
We are also debuting new work by Steve that he calls Tattooed Plywood - carved and etched patterned paintings on plywood. Very cool & different. 
Steve won't be here Saturday night but we'll have 100+ pieces of his art on hand, and they're cheap - so come on down!

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