Ian McLagan

May 12, 2020

Ian McLagan

Today, May 12, is Ian McLagan's birthday. Mac was an artist and musician who settled here in Austin, TX, and he chose Yard Dog for what I believe was his one and only art show. He had always painted for his own private enjoyment, but at some point he decided he'd try and sell some prints. We had a show, we had some drinks, we had a lot of laughs. It's really not an exaggeration to say that everyone who ever met him loved him. Everyone. 

Here's his page if you want to look at his art. He had migraines and he tried to capture in his paintings what he saw when he was having those migraines.

In case you think you don't know who he was, here's a short bit from Wikipedia, "Ian Patrick McLagan was an English keyboard instrumentalist, best known as a member of the English rock bands Small Faces and Faces. He also collaborated with the Rolling Stones and led his own band from the late 1970s. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012."

After Mac died in 2015, Jon Langford painted his portrait. 

It's for sale, right HERE, although I sort of hope no one ever buys it.

And here's a photo of Mac, Jon, & me, drinking margaritas and yukking it up.