Coronavirus Update

April 15, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Our online gallery remains open and we are shipping.

Our gallery in the all-too-real world is closed until further notice.

FYI: all of our art is either in our gallery or in a climate-controlled storage facility. Our gallery has been closed and locked up since March 14 and I'm the only person who has been inside since then. I am likewise the only person who has been inside our storeroom (that's a pic of me riding the elevator up to the storeroom). If something sells on our website I do the wrapping and boxing, create & attach the shipping labels, and drop off the package at the shipper. In short, I'm the only one who handles the art & packaging until it's shipped. I've been homebound with my wife & son since mid-March, too. 

We've been getting groceries & misc goods delivered to our house and have been unboxing and wiping things down before we put them away. You might do the same if you order something from us. If you've bought a piece of art it will be wrapped in bubble wrap, which you can wipe down with your wipes or sprays or whatever you're using. Or if you've ordered a t-shirt, drop it straight from the box into your laundry & make sure you've washed it before you wear it.

Times are hard for all of you. Please know that we so appreciate your business, and the artists we represent really, really appreciate it.

Stay healthy!