The Originals: A Group Show Curated By Nate Otto

April 06, 2019

The Originals: A Group Show Curated By Nate Otto

The Originals
A Group Show Curated By Nate Otto
April 19 - May 26
Opening Reception
Friday, April 19
7 - 9 PM
Yard Dog just held a show of Nate Otto's work, now he's curated a show of work by 15 artists of whom he's a fan. Artists featured are: Tony Fitzpatrick (Chicago), Yulia Kuznetsova (Chicago), Casey Sass (Austin), CZR PRZ (Chicago), Julie Murphy (Chicago), Chris Silva (Chicago), Anthony Lewellen (Chicago), Sam Kirk (Chicago), Dirt (Chicago), Gunner Fox (Los Angeles), Vero Boisel (France), Travis Millard (Los Angeles), Tiffany Jan (Los Angeles), Kiel Johnson (Los Angeles), Margie Criner (Los Angeles), and Nate Otto (Chicago). Following is what Nate wrote about the artists he's invited.
Tony Fitzpatrick
Tony is a long time art hero of mine.  He is a Chicago legend.  I see him almost every day as our studios are across the hall from each other.  I am thrilled that he agreed to participate in this show, and he was the first person I asked.
Yulia Kuznetsova
Yulia is an emerging artist based out of Chicago and from Russia.  She does amazing, highly detailed drawings.  She works as Tony’s assistant, and I get to see how hard she works on her own art and it is great.

Casey Sass
Casey is the only Austin resident on this list.  He is a well known tattoo artist and I recently rudely asked him to give me a tattoo of my own stupid design when he was in Chicago, but he is a really good maker of his own work.  When my wife and I were in Austin last year, we went out with Casey and people kept coming up to him asking for tattoo consultations.  I still think that is funny. 
Czr Prz
Caesar is a Chicago based muralist / artist / street artist, who does really tight work.  I only met him recently even though we have known of each other for a while.  He seems like a nice dude, and his work is impressive.

Julie Murphy
Julie is an incredibly talented drawer / illustrator based in Chicago.  She has her own style and her work is super cool.  I met her while watching Game of Thrones at Tony’s house.  I think her work will be a hit in Austin.
Chris Silva
Another Chicagoan, Chris is a local legend.  He came up in the graffiti world, now he does these amazing constructed pieces, installations, and projections.  Go look at his work.  Thanks for participating Chris!

Anthony Lewellen
Another Chicagoan with graffiti roots, Anthony has become the hottest muralist in Chicago.  He is extremely meticulous and I am amazed by the level of planning he brings to everything he does.  I’m pretty much making this shit up as I go, so I’m really impressed when I see someone like Anthony who brings so much professionalism.
Sam Kirk
Sam is a Chicago based artist / muralist.  She has done murals all over the world and she has a very distinctive style.  I met her a few years back when we both did this stupid cooler painting thing for Red Bull. I think Sam “won” that, and that’s cool, but that whole event was super fucking weird.  She is very nice and a great artist.
Dirt and I were roommates many years ago and I have always been a fan of her and her art.  Her work is really simple and clean and sharp.  I love when I see one of her murals around town.  She was raised as an artist by street artists and I am willing to bet that she will make something on a found object.  
Gunner Fox
I first got to know Gunner though his art, which I was really envious of, when we were both young students at the University of Kansas.  His work has always amazed me and he is a genuine weirdo and he doesn’t even know it.  We have also done some really cool collaborations over the years.  He always says that he is going to come to Chicago, but it’s never going to happen, but I will be in Los Angeles sometime in the next year, and we will hang for sure.
Vero Boisel
Vero is a french woman who does very cool hand embroidered photographs.  I first became aware of her work when she showed at a gallery Tony helps run in Chicago.  I’m not sure if she met Tony when he was filming Patriot in Paris or if they met some other way, but I’m glad he brought her into my orbit so I could invite her to participate in this show. Thanks Vero. You are the lone international participant.
Travis Millard
We were barely acquainted, but I first met Travis when we were in the same drawing class at KU.  I dropped out of school shortly thereafter, and Travis went on to become a veritable art rock star.  He has accomplished amazing things and backed it up with amazing work.  Los Angeles.  Thanks for participating!

Tiffany Jan
Tiff is a young drawer/ illustrator based in Los Angeles.  I reached out to her when I saw her work on the Instagrams.  It sparked something in my brain and I purchased a small drawing from her.  It looks as though she is gaining traction in the illustration world.  No digital for this, Tiff, send a real drawing or two.  Thanks!

Kiel Johnson
L. A. based, Kiel is an amazing workaholic constructor of cities and beyond, a cardboard maestro.  Became aware of his work due to the KU connection, but I stayed to see all the stuff he has done.  I love his work and I am glad he is participating.
Margie Criner
Margie is a another Chicagoan.  Her husband, David, is a great abstract painter. Margie makes little wood things that you can peer into and see scenes.  They are small.  They are cool.  My description doesn’t do it justice.  Thanks for participating!

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