Division By The Plus

Acrylic paint, ink, pencil and matte medium on wood. Framed with salvaged 100 yr old douglas fir. 11.5 x 11.5 x 1.5

Division by the plus: the plane is divided into four by the plus.  Each resulting quadrant is likewise divided, and this process of division is continued until the rhythm of line and space feels balanced.  The resulting field of pluses illustrates the mathematical series of the successive powers of 4, so that the drawing begins with one plus, which is 4 to the zero power. Next, four plusses are added in the four quadrants created by the first plus, which is 4 to the first power, or 4x1. Next, sixteen plusses are added in each of the four sub-quadrants in each quadrant, which is 4 to the second power, or 4x4. Next, 64 plusses are added … which is 4 to the third power, or 4x4x4, etc.

“The plus sign will never fight against the minus sign”

                                                                                                       -Alfred Jarry



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