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Fort Guerin


Fort Guerin's Wild West Paintings are all sold. The show is on another page, HERE, and if you'd like a new version of any of them we're taking commissions. 

West Virginia artist Fort Guerin was raised in Mesa, Arizona, and it's the west, in particular the mythos of the Old West, that fires his imagination and provides the subjects for his paintings. Those paintings typically look like panels from an old comic book or stills from an old Western movie, painted on pieces of wrinkled and stained paper bags.

Guerin talks about his work and where it comes from:
"About the cowboy or western influence, that obviously comes from my growing up in Arizona.  As time went on I found myself missing the west,  I started reading more on the history of the west and came across the comic book store in the neighborhood that had a huge collection of old cowboy comics and western dime-store novels.  The images started to make their way into my art which up to that point had involved a lot of images from the 40s and 50s advertising and film.  I have recently started to collect out of print books about the history of the west, it's a good source of text for the paintings and is fascinating.  Another aspect of the large paper pieces and the way they are prepped with coffee and folded is that I am trying to achieve a look that I tell people would be like finding an old poster in a steamer trunk in grandmother's attic.  My grandparents had a cottage/shed at their home in Illinois that me and my brother used to love and go up into the attic/storage space and rummage through all the boxes seeing what treasures we could unearth.  So imagine them being like something you would come across from years gone by."