Jesse Narens is a self-taught painter living in Portland, Oregon.

Artist statement:

"Often reflecting on humanity's tumultuous relationship with Nature (our home/our selves), the con(temporary) world, and the never ending transformation of all things, Jesse Narens' art comes from an intuitive process open to constant development through both intentional and unintentional, though usually unconventional, interactions with their self and the world.

With no attachment to preconceived ideas, techniques or tools, things begin without sketches and are called done based on feeling, but seemingly finished work has the potential to continue on at any time, with pieces usually being drastically changed as connections once found in them no longer feel relevant, or sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

Born in Illinois in 1990, Jesse began showing work in 2008 while simultaneously curating eclectic art and music events at DIY venues located around the Midwest after choosing to forgo a formal art education.
Moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2010, Jesse has continued to show work while also participating in things like live painting, offering open-ended art sessions for kids, and curating various places, including their own open studio/gallery, The Hollow, which was located at Portland's Everett Lofts in 2013."