Jon Langford - Song Print Series

Everything's still terrible, right? How about a little good news? We're putting out a special limited edition print of some of Jon Langford's song paintings. They are a little smaller and half the price of his standard prints. 

Jon is currently not touring the planet playing songs and selling his art prints out of a little cardboard box. But he has been busy in his studio compiling new editions of his song painting prints to be released over the next few months alongside new online performances of the songs. First up was Dollar Dress (a song Jon wrote for the Waco Brothers), followed by The Country Is Young (a song from his solo album All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds), followed by Nashville Radio (another song from All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds).  Fourth in the series is Inside The Whale, a song from his Skull Orchard album. The fifth and latest in the series is Losers, a new song that's been released as a single in the UK. There are, of course, videos for each song, with links below

Here's a link to Dollar Dress Video 

Here's a link to The Country Is Young video

Here's a link to Nashville Radio video

Here's a link to Inside The Whale video

Here's a link to Losers video

Here's a link to Verdun video