Larry Seaman Assemblage Art

August 03, 2013

Larry Seaman
"Sum Assemblage Acquired"
Assemblage art by Austin artist Larry Seaman
August 10 - September 1
Opening Reception for the Artist
Saturday, August 10
7 - 9 pm

Larry Seaman grew up in west Texas and moved to Austin as a teenager. He dropped out of college after forming Standing Waves, a seminal force in Austin’s 1970's punk/ new wave scene.  Seaman currently plays and records with Why Not Satellite. He teaches English at Del Valle Middle School and creates assemblage art. About his art he says,

"My assemblages are 3-D collage of relics and cast-offs: bird bones, rusty metal, doll parts, pocket watches, spoons, wire, typewriters, teeth;  whatever interesting junk I acquire. The pieces come together in old wooden clock boxes, letter trays, drawers, and windows. I housed one in Edison jar; a couple of the recent pieces left the frame altogether.

Once there’s a spark, getting into the process is easy. As a figure or pattern emerges or an idea develops, I add whatever seems to fit.  Realizing what it needs next and working out the logistics is a challenge and great fun. Knowing when it’s done is the trickier proposition."

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